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Why should I have a reading?

Are you struggling with life? Do you want to be able to better plan your next move? Would you like some advice or need a question answering? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions you have come to the right place. Dawn is a qualified psychic and tarot card reader and she can support you to be better prepared for "what life throws at you". She will use the cards to help you plan a better future. 


What is a reading and how much does it cost?

The reading is a generalised overview of the next few months and will take approximately 45 minutes. It can be a "person to person" reading at New Dawn Wellbeing or via a video call. The cost is £25

Other readings, are available: including "12 month readings" and "Tarot parties" can be arranged.

Please contact Dawn for further information. 

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Dawn's qualifications and skills

As an advocate of "lifelong learning" and to further her healing, mediumship, psychic and intuitive skills, Dawn has attended numerous courses, workshops, masterclasses and residentials. She continues to attend training regularly.

She is a a member of two closed mediumship circles and a Shamanic Drum group.

Dawn is a volunteer healer at a local charity which cares for terminally ill patients. 

  • Member of Richard Knight's Psychic Development and Tarot academies - having passed as an advanced practioner in both academies. Uri Geller calls Richard "the world's best tarot reader" and he has worked with many world-wide celebrities and VIPs. 

  • Attended tarot and mediumship courses with well-known medium and tarot card reader Rebecca Sawyer.  "Becs" has appeared in the press and on radio. 

  • Attended two residential courses taught by international medium and spiritual coach Darren Turner. He also runs a Spiritual Mentorship academy.  

  • Attended training courses delivered by medium Linda Bullock - well known for her "Linda Bullock Technique" which she teaches internationally. 

  • Been part of a group on a residential course taught by certified Positive Psychology Master Coach Iona Russell. Iona is an international best-selling author and life coach. 

  • Attended a "masterclass" series of sessions delivered by one of the foremost international LIfe Coach trainers. 


Tarot cards have been used since the 15th century. Initially, they were used for playing games, then fortune tellers used them to predict the future. People have the perception of tarot (reinforced by what they see on the television or in films) of a gypsy, often drawing the "death" card and telling the unfortunate customer that someone is going to die. The "death" card rarely predicts that. It means something is ending in an area of life for the person asking questions. There will be a new start and it is usually a very positive card. Depending on the other cards in the spread, this could be a new job, moving house, a new relationship or something else.

The History of Tarot Card Readings

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How Tarot is used today

Many professional counsellors, life coaches and therapists use tarot as a tool to support clients to delve into their subconscious mind, gaining a deeper insight into their lives and developing strategies to move forward. 


Dawn uses cards and other tools, which enable her to access her intuition, psychic and mediumship skills.  She once read someone’s tatoo, which they had designed. They were amazed at how accurate her reading was.  The cards tell people what they already know deep-down. Clients can use this insight to empower themselves to make the right choices. The cards only show the potential of a situation, it is up to the client to go forward and use that knowledge.  Many clients are moved to tears during a reading with Dawn. 


How to ask a question for a reading

The Tarot doesn’t work well with Yes or No questions.  It is better to ask an open-ended question. For example, if you are looking for a new job or promotion instead of saying: “when will I get promoted?” ask the Tarot: “How can I advance in my career?” If you want a new relationship, ask the tarot:  "What can I do to attract a partner who is right for me?" 


If you have a major decision to make or just want an overview of how your life will be in the next few months, why not contact Dawn and together we can find you the answers. She offers one-to-one readings in her home or can do it online using various methods. 


Using Tarot and other cards to provide readings and and mediumship and Psychic readings are for entertainment purposes only and not to be seen or considered to be professional advice. It is the individual’s own choice as to whether they choose to act on, or accept, anything disclosed within the reading. Dawn will not give financial, health or legal advice. All clients must be over 18 years old. 

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Thank you Dawn. That was a very deep, beautiful reading. I loved it. You are so talented. 

 - MT

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