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Here are some of the most common questions we receive! If you have anymore questions feel free to contact New Dawn Wellbeing

  • Can you tell me about Indian Head Massage?
    As the name suggests, this therapy originated over a thousand years ago in India. It is a type of alternative health therapy. The therapist uses various techniques to massage the head, neck and shoulders, working on major muscles, to improve circulation to the area, break down knotted muscles and move toxins away. The treatment aims to rebalance the body's energy flow. This massage has been shown to help people with hair disorders, earache, eye strain, sinusitis, headaches and insomnia as well as many other disorders. At "New Dawn", the client lies on a coach, preferably wearing a vest top and soothing music is played in the background whilst the therapist works. The therapist doesn't use oil, although the hair does get moved around, so probably best not to have a treatment straight after visiting the hairdresser! Most people find the session very enjoyable and relaxing and feel energised and calm afterwards.
  • Can you tell me what to expect during an Energy Healing session?
    Energy healing is a form of complimentary therapy. The theory is that if the body’s energy centres (chakras) and energy channels (meridians) aren’t working efficiently, this can lead to an imbalance in the body, causing symptoms such as anxiety and stress. Hovering her hands above the body and using gentle touch, Dawn (the therapist) works on these areas to balance them and promote well-being for her clients. Dawn is a qualified Spiritual healer and Usui Reiki and Sekhem (Egyptian Reiki) practitioner. She also has an interest in Shamanic healing, having attended sessions and is in a Shamanic Drum Group. Her body, mind and soul has absorbed all these ancient healing methods and they work together to enable a profound, unique healing experience for her clients. THIS IS WHAT TO EXPECT DURING A HEALING TREATMENT You will be lying on a comfortable treatment coach, with restful music playing in the background. Dawn will first use white sage to smudge (waft the white sage smoke) around the coach and over you to help purify, to cleanse and release stagnant energies. If you don’t wish to be ‘smudged', crystals will be used for this part. Then, using a simple ceremony taught to her by respected Shamans, she will walk around your body using her drum, her rattle and feathers to release negative energy and return lost energy to the body. Now you are ready for healing: Dawn will then link into the Universal energy and her body becomes a channel to allow healing energy to flow into you. She works on the chakras and meridians, sensing which parts of the body need the most attention. The energy healing will enter you and allow your body to start the self-healing process. Finally, Dawn will thank the Universal energy for helping with the healing and ask for the self-healing to continue after the session has ended.
  • I have private medical insurance - can I claim for any treatments using it?
    Yes - a number of clients have successfully claimed for Reflexology using their private medical insurance. One client had a course of 6 treatments and was able to claim £100 towards the cost of them. One client had her insurance claim queried and 'New Dawn' was able to successfully answer the queries and the claim was then settled. So, if you have medical insurance and your claim is turned down please contact us and we may be able to help you get a successful outcome to your claim.
  • Where is New Dawn Wellbeing and is it easy to get to?
    New Dawn Wellbeing is based in the fishing port of Brixham, which is part of Torbay, in beautiful South Devon. There are regular buses which stop nearby and free, easy on-site parking. We are about a mile away from the town centre. The therapy room overlooks the garden and is situated in a quiet, residential part of the town. The therapy room is only used by New Dawn Wellbeing for treatments and is modern and relaxing.
  • What is Reflexology?
    Reflexology is a non-invasive complementary health therapy, which aims to restore balance to the body. Similar therapies have been practiced for over 3500 years. ​ The therapist uses their fingers and thumbs to apply pressure to areas on the feet and hands. These areas, called reflexes, are linked to parts of the body. What the area feels like, looks like and how it reacts to stimulus identifies parts of the body which aren’t functioning well. The reflexologist works on these areas of the body, promoting the body to self-heal. ​ One theory is that reflexology stimulates the flow of energy in the body, releasing blockages, encouraging lymph drainage, releasing toxins and relaxing muscles. At this time there has not been any research using large groups of people in randomised trials, the best way to assess therapies. However, the MS Trust found that women with MS had reduced pain, anxiety and stress following reflexology treatment. Many people state that reflexology helps to reduce tension and stress, aids sleeping and relaxation, enhances wellbeing, reduces pain and helps lift their mood.
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